Calculated Field: Calculating Fuel Level in a Horizontal Cylindrical Tank (inches to gallons)

We use a 4-20 mA Tranducer to produce a oil level in inches that we then use to give us gallons in the fuel tank.

We then do a Calculated Field using genericCalc and the formula

expression: ((((D/2)**2*acos(((D/2)-A)/(D/2))-((D/2)-A)*(2*(D/2)*A-A**2)**(0.5))*L)/231)-36

D= Diameter
L= Length
A= depth of oil (in the example below it’s reported by Monnit sensor 376596)
231= cubic inches per gallon
36= drop pipe set 6" off bottom of tank

I hope this is helpful and saves you some work.

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