Debugging: error in get_report_results

If you’ve ever attempted to view Current Sensor Values and are greeted with error in get_report_results instead of a nice page full of sensor values read on.

BMON relies heavily on context, proper capitalization, the correct number of spaces after a colon… and everything being filled in completely.

If your BMON site has error in get_report_results when it should be displaying data check the following:

  • Do all your sensors have titles? A blank entry here will cause this error
  • Is your building operating time entered correctly
    • I’ve seen the Operating time set to 8 AM - 5PM where it was expecting a very specific day range formatted like this M-F: 8a-5p
  • Are your alerts complete?
    • I’ve seen alerts without a value set for the alert conditions that also caused this error
  • Still stuck?
    • Try disabling ALL alerts for the building in question one at a time, reloading the current sensor readings page every couple. If the page starts loading again you know one of those alerts is the issue. One by one enable them again checking your page each time to determine which is the culprit. Then review the alert parameters closely OR delete the alert and make a new one
    • Fine tooth comb time!
      • Check your error log by visiting [yourBMONsite]/show-log/ and see if anything sticks out
      • sensor by sensor check spelling, sensor ids, capitalization, everything, and further review BMON Documentation.