Monnit pulse counter stops reporting after adding transform

We recently saw a new Monnit pulse counter installed that looked great in iMonnit and was able to communicate with BMON up until the rate was added to the transform field. Deleting the sensor and re-adding gets it to start posting back to BMON but only until the rate (rate * .54) was added.

If this is a newer Monnit sensor, you probably need to set the “rollover” parameter, as described in the BMON documentation here.

rollover (default value = 65536, largest 16 bit value): Pulse counters usually have a maximum pulse count that they record before rolling over to zero. BMON will account for this rollover when calculating the pulse rate.

Year 2014 and prior Monnit wireless pulse counters roll over at a count of 65,536, the default value for this parameter. Newer Monnit pulse counters are 32 bit and roll over at 4,294,967,296. If you expect your pulse counter to eventually roll over, you need to ensure that BMON is using the correct rollover value.

So, you would put:

rollover: 4294967296

in the Function Parameters box.

Also, does the sensor by chance pulse at a rate faster than 5 pulses/second? That is the default maximum rate value accepted. You can change the “max_rate” parameter to set that higher if the sensor is truly putting out a fast rate of pulses. Also, is the Monnit sensor to “accumulate” as opposed to reset its count at each interval? It needs to be set in “accumulate” mode in iMonnit to work with the rate transform you are using.


Transform or Calculated Field Function Name: (note this is a transform, do not check calculated field)
rate * .54

Function Parameters in YAML form:
rollover: 4294967295
max_rate: 25