SDR Radios for Utility Meter Readings

The Mini-Monitor documentation discusses a method to collect utility meter readings using an SDR (software defined radio) interfaced through the Mini-Monitor USB port.

Mini-Monitor includes a custom reader class for the rtl433 generic data receiver which can be enabled in your settings file.


This is typically enabled in conjunction with items in the Utility Meter Reader script section of the settings. file
# ------------ Utility Meter Reader script --------------

The reader, located in the pi_logger directory, is named and is configured for devices with the following chips:

Radio Chip: RTL2832U
Tuner Chip: R820T2

Examples of this radio device that have been tested with Mini-Monitor are:

NooElec offers the following advice when configuring your device for use as an SDR

Most of you will be using your new device as a software defined radio (SDR), and not to receive DVB-T video. It is important for you to know that the drivers for using as a DVB-T receiver differ from those used for SDR.

As such, if you plan on using as an SDR, you should NOT install any software which may have been shipped with your deviceā€“it will be for using the device as a video receiver. Further, any drivers which install automatically (for example, through Windows Update) will not be for SDR purposes and will be incompatible with SDR software.

To use as an SDR, specific installation procedures are required. If you are new to NESDRs, we would recommend taking a quick look at the following guide when you are ready to get up and running.

NESDR Installation Guide

I personally have used their guide and followed the Driver Installation Procedure using Zadig and everything worked fine.